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CFKV Raising more than just Weights!

Every year CrossFit Kemptville brainstorms ideas on how to involved with charity work that can have a direct impact to those affected. We have raised money for numerous causes including the Salvation Army, 'Movember' and more. We knew this year would be a little tougher to get involved given the global pandemic and financial downfalls for many. Even with the uncertainty we made it a mission to continue our charitable work.

On October 23rd/24th the coaches of CrossFit Kemptville got together to raise money for Breast Cancer through the organization "Barbells for Boobs". Our challenge was simple, we would perform 24 CrossFit workouts in 24 hours to raise money.

The goal, $2400.

In conjunction with the onsite workouts, we set up an virtual auction with donations from incredible local businesses ranging from artwork, golf retreats, nutrition programs and more. We had door prizes, a toonie toss, and donated food from a local business for those to purchase with collection going directly to our grand total.

The workouts were tough, the lack of sleep created many ups and downs but one thing prevailed in our minds; there are many out there who are going or went through much worse, this is the least we could do to show support.

We had members stay with us through all hours of the night, come cheers us on and even bring coffee all to show support and solidarity with us knowing the challenges we were facing. We are incredibly grateful for everyone who took time out of their day to help us out. The cheers and laughter were a much needed boost of morale as we entered the final 5 hours.

Now that the dust has settled and the muscle soreness set in, we have been able to calculate our total.

We, collectively as a community, have raised a total of $5330 for Breast Cancer research and support!

Time and time again this community at CFKV and the surrounding area show that if we come together anything can be accomplished. Almost doubling our goal we set out in the beginning wasn't even in our sights. Now we can present our funds to Barbells for Boobs to directly help those in need of care through medical expenses paid, accommodations and more.

Through a global pandemic, an economic shutdown, and uncertainty ahead, we came together once again to make a difference. We cannot say thank you enough to everyone who helped make this idea a reality.

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