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One of the things that sets CrossFit apart and unique from other fitness regimes is our community members. Our members come from all walks of life, fitness levels, experiences and even abilities; and yet, our workouts every day, are designed so that absolutely everyone can participate. “Scaling” is a word that you will hear and during each class, everyone does the same workout, but that workout will always have several scaling options. This makes it possible for all of us – with our different body types, personal goals and levels of ability – to work alongside one another safely. We motivate one another, cheer one another on, and help keep each other accountable, while enjoying the 'Best Hour of Your Day' together!


Your CrossFit journey begins with our Introduction to CrossFit classes. This is a 5-class membership where we go over the foundational movements, experience a class format and enjoy a fun and challenging WOD (Workout Of the Day).

The 5 areas and variations of movements you will encounter during the Introduction classes are squats, deadlifts, overhead pressing, Olympic Lifting and gymnastics. Each one Intro classes has a specific Skill Focus for that day, which the coaches place emphasizes on proper technique and form execution through demonstration and skill practice, along with scaling and movement progression tutorials. Classes are kept small to allow for a one-on-one personal training experience, which allows for coaches opportunities to conduct movement assessments and provide on-going feedback.

Your first class is always free to try! So, don't delay! Come see what the CFKV community has to offer and we can become apart of your new healthy daily routine.


In our CrossFit Kids program, we help kids to love exercise through the combination of calisthenics, running, biking, rowing, jumping, throwing, carrying, pushing, pulling, climbing and lifting in a supervised and controlled environment. Certified coaches use age-appropriate skills, technique drills and equipment through a 1-hour length class to review proper movement patterns then practice that learnt in a challenging, but fun workout! We promote healthy fitness routines starting with our programs that begin with the age bracket of 7 to 11 years old, which then carries over into the next age bracket of 12 to 15 years old.


Jess Wilson, Owner of ReRoute Nutrition & Wellness is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist while specializing in CrossFit Nutrition as well as Gut & Hormone Health. Jess primarily works with CrossFit athletes at her local gyms, CrossFit Kemptville where she began her CrossFit journey.  Jess has worked with many clients from pre and post-partum stages to teenagers, to current and retired first responders, to those 9-5 workers that want to lose the last stubborn 5 pounds and those who suffer from seasonal and food allergies. What Can You Expect? During your initial consultation, Jess will review your medical history, current lifestyle and activity levels and address any personal goals or challenges you wish to achieve. Together you both will decide on the best plan that works for you. Your consultation appointment is free to ensure it is a good fit for you both. 


These classes are geared towards all skill levels, whether you are a seasoned lifter or beginner looking to take their lifts to the next level. The focus of these classes is to help athletes improve their form and technique, increase strength and learn properly execute explosive positions in the Snath and Clean & Jerk. Through proper movement, execution of the Olympic Lifts will help create better body awareness and alignment. This is done through coordination with loads, which improves the athletes overall general fitness and readiness. Classes are 60 minutes in length.


The focus of this class is on developing body awareness, shapes, strength and flexibility. Technique is broken down and drills are taught for better understanding of the movement mechanics. You will see both common gymnastics movements used in CrossFit WODS and less common ones that make us better movers. Gymnastics in one of the fundamental blocks of CrossFit and we aim to build proficiency and confidence across all the common gymnastics movements, which will improve our strength, positioning and movement quality in all other areas of fitness and our daily lives. All skill levels and abilities are welcome. Classes are 60 minutes in length.


Primary goal of this class is to help develop an athletes' aerobic capacity and help improve their performance during a CrossFit WOD, through the use of short and high intensity interval work. We work on increasing work capacity limits and pacing. Power and speed are important components in relation to endurance and class programming is geared towards improving those 2 components, while improving recovery times, promote injury prevention and trackable performance curves. These classes typically feature use of rowers, echo bike, body weight movements, dumbbell and kettlebell exercises. All skill levels and abilities are welcome. Classes are 60 minutes in length.


These classes are focused on improving overall flexibility, joint mobility and breath awareness through the incorporation of a Vinyasa Yoga sequence at the beginning of the class to help bring awareness and warmth to the body. Ending with joint and muscle specific exercises, drills and activation sequences to help improve the members range of motion, joint health and movement execution during CrossFit classes and every life. All skill levels and abilities are welcome. Classes are 60 minutes in length.

CrossFit Equipment



1 Year *Most Popular

Have the "Best Hour of Your Day" by joining CFKV on our 1 year unlimited access to the facility. 

Members also receive the following:

- Access to our Open Gym Area

- Daily Programming / Nutrition Tracker

- Access to Specialty Classes:




*Olympic Lifting

Intro to CrossFit Bundle Package

Not quite sure what CrossFit is all about? Here at CrossFit Kemptville we have created an introduction program geared towards those who never stepped foot into a gym before to those looking for a refresher on movements; a fun, informative, safe and motivating environment to coach the tools you need to kick start your new fitness journey! Our bundle includes 5 Introduction Classes + a 1-month unlimited membership to implement and practice the skills learnt in the Intro's, along with becoming a part of our great community!


Our 10 Class Pack, which can be used towards any scheduled CrossFit class or specialty class. Class pack expires 2 months from the purchase date.



Passing through and looking to take in a class? Join us for a Drop-In class to any of our scheduled CrossFit classes. Open to individuals with previous CrossFit experience.



Driving by or wanting to visit? Drop in for a class and check out our facility. Contact below and one of our coaches will be in touch!

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