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Jess Wilson


Owner of ReRoute Nutrition & Wellness is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist while specializing in CrossFit Nutrition as well as Gut & Hormone Health. Jess primarily works with CrossFit athletes at her local gyms, CrossFit Kemptville where she began her CrossFit journey. While also pursuing another career choice, Jess relocated herself and her dog Titan to West Kelowna, British Columbia and also works out of West Kelowna CrossFit.

Jess takes into consideration the interconnections between different spheres of a person's life, and recognizes their impact on performance. Whether they are struggling with the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, relocation, injury, anxiety, substance abuse or the end of a relationship, Jess can support them in evaluating the impact across the spheres of their life to regain health and wellbeing through mindfulness and their nutrition.

Jess has worked with many clients from pre and postpartum stages to teenagers, to current and retired first responders, to those 9-5 workers that want to lose the last stubborn 5 pounds and those who suffer from seasonal and food allergies. Jess' programming is a no cookie cutter approach to nutrition can help guide those get the results they want, and to help create lasting lifestyle changes that they can continue once they complete their program.

What Can You Expect?

During your initial consultation, Jess will review your medical history, current lifestyle and activity levels and address any personal goals or challenges you wish to achieve. Together you both will decide on the best plan that works for you. Your consultation appointment is free to ensure it is a good fit for you both.

What Does the Journey Look Like?

New weekly menu plans are provided that is altered to your goals, nutritional needs, exercise routines, sleeping habits and stress levels. Jess will schedule weekly check-ins to review the previous week, address any concerns/questions, as well as review progress photos to capture the progressions through your nutrition journey from start to finish.

Some clients prefer to add in the measurements, while others don't. That is the beauty of the programming, is that we don't go by the weight of the scale or inches dropped, but by their overall well-being. The programming is designed to fit the clients' needs and Jess prefers to coach in a manner that relates to her clients individual habits, lifestyles, food preferences and allergies and budget. Jess will adapt to the programming to you that will work best with your day to day scenarios.

Jess Wilson
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